Simplio onboards MetaSaga Warriors to it’s increasing roster of games

2 min readSep 29, 2023

Simplio has partnered with MetaSaga Warriors, an NFT game that combines gaming with elements of a rogue-like dungeon crawler.

Simplio unites with MetaSaga Warriors

It offers players the opportunity to take control of a group of warriors, referred to as Diggers, who embark on a crucial quest to halt the encroaching corruption that has invaded their once idyllic paradise. Every warrior, as well as their distinct components, weapons, and equipment, is represented as an NFT.

MetaSaga Warriors partners with Simplio

Built on Polygon, the game is being developed by MetaGaming Guild (MGG), a community-governed organisation which offers Game-Fi solutions to thousands of players all around the globe. MetaSaga Warriors will be launched as MGG’s flagship game offer.

Instead of being a play-to-earn game, MetaSaga Warriors aims to break away from the pack of NFT games in the market today by focusing on the Factory NFT model, where the emphasis is on the entertainment rather than the earning aspect.

The wait is over and MetaSaga Warriors is officially live now! This takes the total number of games on Simplio to 30.

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