Simplio welcomes you to Qubix, a unique metaverse game based on market analysis

2 min readJan 16, 2024
Simplio partners with Qubix

Simplio has partnered with Qubix, a metaverse game based on ever-evolving market analysis. Qubix, the central atomic part of the metaverse, represents the cubic robotic creature. The main idea of the Qubix metaverse is the simplicity of its characters and the atmosphere, which at the same time forms the variety of combinations of the possible game scenarios and consists of plenty of different gaming and meta-gaming activities.

The central process of the metaverse is the game that is happening in the arenas. Heroes of the universe are unique Qubixes that the user can buy or construct outside of the game process. They can both complete quests and fight rivals, trying to knock them out. When the game starts, players see the space they can move through. It is full of arenas where Qubixes can play various games with quests on logic, reaction, speed, and cooperation with the friendly team. There are several different regimes in those arenas, player vs. player, team vs. team, and players against each other.

In Qubix, the player has an incredible variety of activities such as completing quests, collecting functional parts of Qubix and skins, fighting in the arenas, playing the tournaments, constructing Qubix, upgrading them, and of course, trading.

Players have two ways to win the match: either by completing quests or defusing all the opponents of a foreign team, completing the same quests that are unique for each game arena. Also, each level is a different arena that may be kept by players, thus earning them currency due to the rake exposed to the arena players.

The game regularly announces tournaments, in which players have to complete a particular chain of arenas.

Simplio users can try this unique, skill based game on See the game trailer here and play the game on iOS or Android.




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