Simplio welcomes you to The Neon Jungle with EON RIFT

2 min readOct 13, 2023

Simplio brings to its users yet another immersive, one-click game Eon Rift.

Simplio partners with EON RIFT

Eon Rift is an immersive cyberpunk Web3 world which includes comic books, digital collectibles, video games, phygital collectibles, a trading card game and merchandise.

Eon Rift consists of a community of fans that are building NeoTokyo, and that participation gives them rewards and benefits. Co-creation is one of the pillars of the game’s community philosophy, and through this EON RIFT fans are driving the project forward and creating the future of gaming.

As a game, Eon Rift glows like a circuit board charged with electricity. Neon lights buzz from every building of NeoTokyo, the city of gameplay. Cars race along streets and through the air. Then you drop down onto the street and you see the real Eon Rift. The dark buildings behind the neon facades. The unmarked doors leading back to something beautiful or deadly — and sometimes both. The towering skyscrapers full of corporate warriors, all of them in open battle with each other. The mesmerizing game is being released as mini games to test gameplay.

As a start, the Genesis Collection of 5,000 PFP NFT collectibles, created by hand in Blender by Leri Greer, art director and lead concept artist from WETA Workshop has been released. Leri worked on some of the biggest Hollywood films including Avatar 1–5, Mad Max: Fury Road, Elysium, Ghost In The Shell, Pacific Rim and more.

Next up is comic books, video games, trading card games and physical collectibles. You can find more information about this at




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